How long will it take you to feel great again?  Months?  Years?

Ugh. It’s 2 AM. Completely exhausted, but wide awake…AGAIN. This is madness! And it’s frustrating because NOTHING has worked.

You just want to feel alive.

You want to dance with your kids.  You want to feel the sand between your toes.
You want to kiss your husband.

Can you imagine feeling good enough for that?


As a busy woman, juggling work demands, kids’ activities and spouse–there is no time for a broken body that won’t cooperate.

And if you’re anything like my clients, I bet you’ve tried every home remedy, oil, lotion and potion.

Everything has been useless.

Even going to your doc has been a waste of time.  He just wants to put you on this and put you on that… but it just dulls your magic more.

Where has your sparkle gone?

I know it is possible to get more energy and feel good again–without bottles.

I have a unique approach to help you get your body back. It’s not all in the head.

The results tell the truth. With more energy to do the things they truly love, my wellness warriors are feeling good and attractive, in their skin again.

I’ve personally learned from the smartest minds. I’ve delivered hundreds of babies and I’ve personally dropped 5 pants sizes.


With my help, hundreds now have more energy, emotional balance and have truly reclaimed their lives.

Do you want to be next?

I have high-level expertise in helping women get to the root cause of their exhaustion, their midlife issues and that stubborn extra 20.

No one is able to combine knowledge of cutting edge testing and good old-fashioned tough love like I do. The truth of the matter is this: once the fog of low energy and the drape of the extra 20+ are removed, you will feel better than you ever did!

But beyond looking and feeling good, you will feel more confident and even courageous. Because my clients are bold enough to invest in themselves, now they can step up in other areas of their lives. My tribe own their value, honor their bodies and put themselves first–as they should have been doing all along.



This is only for the women who are ready.  It is not for those who are afraid to take action. My mission is to enlighten, empower and elevate women to their highest potential in all areas of their lives.

Bottom line… you can feel amazing again….

The truth? In a few minutes I can tell you what’s off and how fast you can be better than you ever were.

There is nothing to lose. Only everything to gain.  With this one simple test, I can get to the root cause of your problems and start your pathway to feeling amazing again.


Malaika Woods, MD, MPH

About e3

Step 1. Enlighten.

The first step is to shed a light on the problem by asking the right questions and ordering the right tests based on the functional medicine paradigm. Once you become enlightened, or in other words, informed about what exactly is going on in your body, only then can you start to make the necessary changes to correct it.

Step 2: Empower.

After the right questions have been answered and the appropriate tests have been done. Giving you the tools regarding how to change what is found on the specialized tests is so empowering. Finally, women start to regain control of their health and realize it wasn’t all in their heads.

Step 3: Energize.

Oh my, oh my. Once you have asked the right questions, determined the answers and the solution. Not only are the women who go through the E3 method feeling more energy physically, they are energized mentally and emotionally. They have more clarity in every aspect of their lives and are hopeful and optimistic about their future and aging gracefully.

What People Are Saying

Dr. Woods is one of the most compassionate doctors I have encountered. You do not meet many doctors such as herself for she carries something unique in her spirit. She is accountable, timely, and dedicated to her practice. You can tell she loves what she does and gives off positive calming vibes when under her care. Definitely a phenomenal doctor and one of my favorites!!

Christal Adams


I sought out Dr. Woods, as I knew that I wanted to be treated from a natural standpoint, and not medicinally. From the moment I met Dr. Woods, I knew we could be a team. She is very compassionate about my concerns, and gives me as much time as I need to explain. I never feel hurried. I know that she not only hears what I am saying, but is truly listening. Now, a year later, she is still giving me those same attributes at each and every appointment. We are well on our way to getting my body back on track, thanks to her expertise.

Deb Wood


Dr Woods takes the time to listen and order the lab tests you need. She explained every single test and the results to me. She explained what I needed for better function and she answered every single question I had. I am definitely on the journey back to health and wellness. She is a blessing!

Heather Crain


The Premier Autoimmune Screening Test

  • One of the best tests on the planet available for Autoimmune Screening by a specialty lab in Arizona called Cyrex Labs
  • Autoimmune diseases typically develop over several years before they even become symptomatic
  • Autoimmune disease is the #1 cause of suffering in North American women
  • Autoimmune disease is the end effect of a much deeper rooted problem and warrants an appropriate investigation
  • Every woman over the age of 30 should have a complete autoimmune screening



Join the Dr. Woods Wellness tribe and learn how to feel amazing again.  Take back control of your health and wellbeing.